Maple Hollow

Maple Hollow's Maple Syrup Is Kosher

Maple Hollow produces only pure gourmet maple syrup in all grades Maple Hollow has enjoyed the privilege of being certified Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council since 2008. Pure maple syrup produced without artificial ingredients or non-kosher animal ingredients conforms to the regulations of the Kashrut.

Maple Hollow’s maple production process is annually inspected by a Rabbi from the Chicago Rabbinical Council. To become kosher certified, the rabbi has to scrutinize the whole farm and the production process to verify that anything coming into contact with the kosher maple syrup is also kosher. All the machinery and bottles are inspected as well as the materials used to clean the machines to ensure everything is kosher approved.

Maple Hollow is proud to offer you the opportunity to buy the finest gourmet kosher maple syrup available. We truly believe that you will enjoy our pure maple syrup, maple candy and maple sugars, while fulfilling your maple syrup needs.